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Postage stamps and related USPS postal rates have steadily and consistently risen, leaving consumers, networkers, and direct mail marketers searching for a viable way to reduce USPS postage rates. Now you can save money on postage stamps and mail letters, flyers, postcards, etc. saving an average of 50% off USPS postage stamp rates!

Have you ever thought about how much money you are spending every month, in six months, or in an entire year mailing bills, letters, and postcards? It adds up quickly. That’s about to change starting right now…


Watch the video and review this page completely to discover the simple secret to saving 50% on postage stamps.


Decide how much money you want to save on postage stamps by checking your options below.


Choose which package you want and choose your preferred ordering method. Repeat this step every time you want to save money on postage stamps.

Watch this video to save 50% on postage…

You are literally minutes away from saving 50% on postage stamps! Make the smart move today to save.

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WHO buys these stamps?

Why do people buy these discount postage stamps?


Consumers love our discount postage stamps because you save money when mailing bills, letters to friends and family, etc.


Direct mailers love our discount postage stamps because you save money when mailing flyers, and postcards.

If you mail anything that requires a stamp, this is for you.


How much money would you like to save on postage stamps?


Choose your postage savings.

100 / $25
200 / $50
300 / $75
400 / $100
500 / $125
1,000 / $250


Choose your postage savings.

10 Booklets (200 Pcs) $59
15 Booklets (300 Pcs) $95
20 Booklets (400 Pcs) $129
25 Booklets (500 Pcs) $147
50 Booklets (1,000 Pcs) $292

Wanna compare prices with the USPS to see how much money you are about to save?

 Why would any rational person continue to overpay more than they have to for the very same postage stamps you can get right now (while supplies last) for 50% less? Here’s another BIG reason you should do this NOW…

smart bonus

For a limited time, you can get the unlock code to reveal a very special training video below, plus four additional resources to help you enjoy a higher quality of life. The unlock code will be included in all orders of $100 or more. The training and resources are valued at over $1,000 and they are yours as a very special thank you for your order today. I believe you are going to enjoy them very much.



What postage stamp buyers are saying…

“If you’re like me you’ve logged many hours putting labels and stamps on post cards. You strive to do everything you can to get your expenses down to leave room for maximum profits. James offers a great service that saves money. It’s a no brainer.”
– Britt P.

– First L.

– First L.

frequently asked questions

Check out the FAQ below and if you still have questions call James or use the contact form.

Is this legit?

Yes. The only difference between the stamps I sell and the ones you purchase from your local post office is the price you pay for them. With me you save 50%.

How can you offer stamps cheaper than the post office?

I have a source that allows me to buy stamps in bulk when placing very large orders. Because of this I am able to offer them to you at a 50% discount off regular postal prices.

Why can't I buy in bulk from my local post office?

Your local post office will sell you all the stamps you want to buy at their regular prices. They do not offer any bulk discount pricing. It’s their policy and it is how it is.

How long does it take to get my postage stamps?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt by Priority mail through the USPS. Typically orders arrive within 2 or 3 business days.

Are you affiliated with the USPS?


Is it legal to sell Forever Stamps?

Yes. It is legal to sell Forever Stamps. There are no laws or restrictions on buying and reselling postage stamps.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is just $5 to anywhere in the USA.

Are there any minimums?

No. You can order one roll or multiple rolls of stamps while supplies last.

How long will this offer last?

That’s an excellent question. The short answer is while supplies last. I urge you to buy as many of these discounted stamps as you can, while you can get them at these reduced prices.

How do I order online using Zelle?

Zelle is really easy to use. If you’ve never used it before go here to get the scoop on how it works.

First, total up your order. Add $5 for shipping to your total.

My Zelle payment ID is (256) 368-3035

NOTE:  Make sure to use the contact form to send me your Zelle confirmation number along with your order details. This is an important step. I can’t fill your order until you have sent me your Zelle confirmation number and order details.

What will my stamps look like?

They will look just like the stamps you would ordinarily purchase from your local post office. They typically have the flag on them.

Are these stamps damaged in any way?

No. They are just like you would get when purchasing them from your local post office. They are in excellent condition.

Will these stamps will be accepted by the post office?

These stamps originally came direct from the post office. The only difference between these forever stamps and the ones you can buy from any US post office is the price you will pay for them. At the post office you will pay more for the very same stamps you can get here at a great discount. Same stamps for less money.

Can I order more than 1,000 stamps at a time?

Absolutely. Simply calculate the price. For example if you wanted 5000 stamps instead of 1,000… you would calculate the cost of 1,000 and multiply it by 5 to arrive at the total cost.

How will you ship my postage stamps?

All orders are shipped via Priority mail through the USPS.

What are my payment options?

We accept Zelle, Overnight Money Order, Cash.

Do you offer refunds for postage stamps?


How do I get the access code to unlock the bonuses?

The access code is included with all orders of $100 or more. When you get your stamps, you will also receive the access code. Simply come back to this page and enter the access code into the RESTRICTED ACCESS area to unlock it. NOTE: The access code is case-sensitive.

How do I mail my order?

Follow these easy steps…

1. Click the button to print out the order form.

2. Fill out the order form completely.

3. Include either a money order made payable to James Truss or include the cash for the total amount of your order. Be sure to add $5 for shipping to your total.

4. Send your order to:

James Truss
838 Willman Road
Talladega AL 35160

payment options

You have three easy convenient payment options…


There is no fee to send money with Zelle. It’s easy and quick. To get my Zelle payment details look above in the FAQ section.


Print out the order form and include a money order following the instructions above in the FAQ section.


Print out the order form and include the cash following the instructions above in the FAQ section.

Our payment options exist so that we can pass the savings back to you.

it’s decision time

The difference between a thought and a decision is ACTION.

Piggy bank showing savings on postage stamps.

Right now there are many happy consumers, marketers, direct marketers, and networkers who made the smart decision to save money on postage. Now it’s your turn to join us!


Ready to get started or have a question?

Call James at 256-368-3035
Mon – Sat 9 am to 9 pm EST

Have you reviewed the Frequently Asked Questions section?

If you are paying via Zelle, please complete the form by sending your order details. I will match your Zelle confirmation number with your contact form and process your stamp order ASAP. This will help avoid any order processing delays.

If you are mailing your order follow the instructions in the FAQ above.

If you have a general question before ordering you can call James or use the contact form.

USPS Forever Stamp
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Piggy bank showing savings on postage stamps.

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