I hope I helped ELEVATE you in some way. 

“My hope is that I helped elevate you in some way and that you feel your life is better because we connected. It means so much to me knowing I share the planet with people who receive value from something I did to help empower them in some way. If I said or did something to help empower, encourage, inspire or motivate you to move closer to achieve your dreams I hope you will send your testimonial so that it will help me reach more people and that they too can become empowered to realize their dreams. Thank you.” 


What makes a good testimonial?

Speak from the heart about how I helped you. Include what I helped you with specifically. Talk about how others can receive value from connecting with me. I’m looking for sincerity and heartfelt not perfection. Good energy, enthusiasm, excitement… just relax and have fun with it! Here is an example of a video, audio, and written testimonial.

What testimonial format are you looking for?

I prefer video when possible. However audio and written testimonials are also very much appreciated.

Britt P., VA | Entrepreneur

“James is a dedicated family man who genuinely cares about your success and he wants to help empower you for real success.”

Name, State | Title

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Name, State | Title

Is my photo really important?

Your photo helps add personality and authenticity to your testimonial. However I understand that not everyone is comfortable sending their photo. If you prefer to send an audio or written only testimonial without your photo it’s okay.

I’m not sure how to say what I want to. Can you help me?

Sure. I know sometimes it can be tricky articulating everything you want to say so that it comes across the right way. Give me a call if you run into a sticking point.

How to prepare your testimonial…


A video testimonial is super cool!

Creation Tips

1. Hold camera horizontally. This allows me to use it without the ugly black bars on each side. 

2. Make sure the lighting is good. When in doubt go outside! Natural light is usually good. Don’t stand with the sun in your face.

3. Make sure the sound quality is good.

4. Use the option below to send your video testimonial.


An audio testimonial is very cool!

Creation Tips

1. Make sure the sound quality is good. Make sure your record level setting is high enough to ensure your audio is easy to hear.

2. Make there are no distractions in the background such as the TV, radio, wind, people talking etc.

3. Use the option below to send your audio testimonial.

4. Include your photo. It doesn’t need to be a glamour shot! Just a good quality photo (preferably of just you) large enough for me to be able to crop and resize it to look great with your testimonial.


A written testimonial is cool!

Creation Tips

1. You don’t need to write a book. A short concise paragrapgh or two will be fine.

2. Use the form below to send your written testimonial.

3. Include your photo. It doesn’t need to be a glamour shot! Just a good quality photo (preferably of just you) large enough for me to be able to crop and resize it to look great with your testimonial.

How to send your video, audio, picture…

I use a service called Dropbox to receive files. It’s super easy to use.

1. Click the button below to open the file sending site in another tab.

2. Select to upload the file(s) from your computer or your Dropbox account.

3. Once you select the file you have the option to add more files. For example if you are sending an audio and a photo.

4. After you have selected the file(s) you wish to send click or tap the upload button to send them.

5. If you are sending a written testimonial use the contact form to the right.

Use this form to send your written testimonial…

14 + 15 =

Frequently Asked Questions…

Will you write the testimonial for me?

I don’t want to put words into your mouth. However, I do understand that sometimes it can be tricky figuring out exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it so that everything flows nicely etc.

If you would like me to draft something up to send to you for approval I am happy to do so. If you like it and approve it then I will use it. 

How will my name be shown with my testimonial?

I only use your first name and last initial along with your state.

The contact form isn't working!

Don’t forget to solve the simple math question and enter the answer in the small box to the left of the submit button.

This helps slow down spam bots and verify you are a human sending email through the form.

What is the surprise you mentioned in the video?

If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise!

My goal is to see you elevated to a level where you surpass even your most far reaching dreams. Keep looking up!